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6 Stunts to Use When Packing & Moving Your Christmas Decorations

The idea of packing and having to move your stuff is never a great experience. And it is no fun either especially when it is during the Christmas holidays. Edmonton movers have some of the best tips when it comes to moving your Christmas decorations. To successfully pack and move your holiday decorations for the move requires that you have the right supplies for the job. Most of the Christmas décor is usually pretty fragile and need that you handle them with utmost care. Otherwise, you could end up with broken, smashed, or shattered decorations. Luckily, this article has laid down some basic stunts that you can adapt and use when packing and moving your Christmas décor.

1. Bubble Wrap

Most of the Christmas décor is always made up of small items. And most of these items are also made of fragile glass or crystal or otherwise, very delicate materials. In most cases, you find that people use heirloom ornaments that are very rare and have been in the family for generations. Meaning, handling these items with utmost care should be your primary objective especially when planning to move them. In such a case, you can use bubble wrap to protect these decorations and even the ornaments. The bubble wrap will work as a buffer in case you accidentally drop the moving box.

2. Packing Fragile Decorations

Not all Christmas decorations are delicate or made of thin glass. Glass ornaments and Christmas lights are just a few of the fragile items that you need to pack separately. So, instead of putting them in the back of the truck along with your other items, you can leave them behind then come for them later or even carry them with you while on the move. Labeling your boxes according to the contents that they are carrying is also a smart idea as you get to know which boxes require to be handled with care than the others.

3. Professional Moving Company

Professional movers are no strangers to moving families even during the holidays. Plus, they are the best bet to ensure all of your decors get to their destinations unharmed. Simply put, the professional movers do this pretty much on a daily basis which gives them the experience and capability to move your holiday décor without much stress.

4. If possible, keep all the decors in their original boxes

It is always a good idea to keep the boxes of the items you buy especially the fragile ones. This way, whenever you need to relocate, you can store them back in their original boxes where they will be much safer than in any other packaging. This is because the manufacturers have made these items’ original boxes specifically to hold and protect the items in them.

5. Pack the other items tightly in boxes

Try as much as you can to pack all of your items tightly so that nothing has any space to shift or move. Also, pack the lightest fragile on top of your heap of packed items. Damage is always bound to occur when items move and shift while moving them.

6. Organize the lights

Christmas decoration lights always come in dozens of shapes and sizes and each light is always meant to a specific purpose. So, what happens when you pack them all together in one box then, later on, have to face the agony of untangling them? To avoid this sorting hassle, separate each strand of light décor into bags and even label them to make your work easier.


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