Do You Know These 10 Facts About Your AC?

You may not know it, but there is a lot more history to your home’s air conditioner than you might think. If you take a trip down the memory lane, you will now notice just how far the air conditioning has come. This article points to ten facts about your home’s air conditioning. These facts will turn heads in any dinner conversation.

  1. Movie theatres were the first places ever to use air conditioning

Yes! Movie theatres were the first public places to have air conditioning installed. This was mostly a ploy to attract more customers to the movies.

  1. Medications heavily rely on air conditioning to stay in good condition

It is as a result of the air conditioners that our scientists and research developers can study, culture, and even develop medicine. The study of medicine always requires that you ensure cool and humid temperatures and surroundings in the research labs. These cool temperatures help to achieve some of the most groundbreaking discoveries in the medical industry.

  1. The United States uses roughly the same amount of energy in powering their AC systems as the total amount of energy used in Africa

The United States is among the largest consumers of these home air conditioners on the globe. The U.S. residents greatly rely on these machines to protect them from the scorching heat that when you compare the total energy spent in running these machines, it roughly equals the total amount of energy used in the African continent as a whole.

  1. Before the BTU’s, people used to judge their home air conditioners ratings using ice

Before the air conditioners were invented in 1902, research will reveal to you that people used to cool off using huge ice blocks. So, when these machines first came into being, their ratings were measured using ice blocks; how much ice you would need to achieve the same cooling power as the air conditioners.

  1. Newspapers were what mostly motivated the invention of air conditioners

Willis Carrier, the owner of a publishing company, is the guy who came up with this great idea to build the first air conditioner in 1902. His main reason for wanting an air conditioner is so that his paper would not get spoilt by the expanding of paper or the ink running in the paper after printing.

  1. Air conditioners have greatly changed our heat tolerance

Various studies carried out by different scientists had found that the human being’s current heat tolerance is significantly lower than before the air conditioners were invented and widely used. 

  1. The Chinese are the ones who invented the first ever Pseudo Air Conditioners

When you date back your research, you will notice that back in 180AD, an artisan in China was the first man to invent a 10-foot wide fan that used motors. The fan had seven wheels attached to it and was capable of cooling a large room full of people.

  1. John Gorrie is, without a doubt, the father of the air conditioning and refrigeration inventions

In 1842, John Gorrie, a doctor in Florida, invented the machine that could produce ice that was intended to offer cool temperatures for his patients. After this great achievement, John was granted a contract to invent the machine that could also provide the same cooling services to people’s homes and buildings, but he dies before finishing the project.

  1. N. Y. Stock Exchange is the first building in the United States to use the first air conditioner in a building

N.Y. Stock Exchange applied this invention in its building in 1903, making it one of the first U.S based landmarks first to use the air conditioning services.

  1. The air conditioning invention also changed the architecture industry

Before the invention of air conditioners, you will realize that most of the buildings built by architectures had high ceilings, breezeways, landscaping, and porches that was intended mostly to provide shade to the home occupants.


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