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10 Plumbing Tricks That All Advanced Plumbers Should Know

Plumbing ranks among some of the many home improvement jobs that can drive DIYers crazy. Problems will arise, projects will grow, and frustrations will multiply. Simple problems like a drain repair can make your day so stressful that you wish you had called a plumbing company or a plumber Toronto. And the sad truth to this story is that at times even the pros of the game also fall victims of such problems. This article aims to provide you with ten plumbing tricks that will work even for the advanced plumbers out there.

  1. Reheat the solder when you cannot cut a pipe

The best way you can go about disconnecting a soldered pipe is by cutting it. But then, there are those times when you can’t no matter how much effort you put into it. This can happen as a result of two reasons; either your cutting tool just can’t get into the cutting space or cutting the pipe will be too short when cut to make a new connection. The best solution you can go for here is to heat the solder joint and then pull it off the fitting.

  1. Replace all metal drain lines with plastic

Plastic drain lines are cheaper, easier to adjust, install, and even tighten even if a leak develops. Another great feature that plastic drain lines have over plastic ones is that the plastic ones don’t corrode.

  1. Loosen any stuck pipes with heat

You can always heat stuck pipes to loosen whenever threaded connections don’t budge. This works especially well with those pipe connections that were sealed using pipe dope that eventually hardened over time.

  1. Piggyback stubborn shutoffs

Shutoff valves under the sinks and toilets usually have a rotten reliability record that sometimes doesn’t close completely and at other times won’t close at all. Here is where you look for other alternatives to replace the shutoffs which are the “piggyback” shutoff valves that are used to connect to existing shutoffs.

  1. Fix clogs in seconds

You can use a zip-it tool or a wet/dry vacuum to suck out a clog in your drain system before you up and look for a drain snake.

  1. Don’t overtighten supply lines

However much it may always look to want to tighten your drain supply lines as tight as possible, it might end up being more riskier for your drain system than when you under-tighten it. Overtightening can easily wreck your rubber seals or even crack your pipe threads.

  1. Don’t reuse supply lines

Whenever you are replacing your faucets or toilets, you may be overcome by the urge to save a few extra bucks by reusing the old and flexible supply lines. But what you need to know before you do this is that plastic degrades over time, and even a small leak can end up causing you a lot of cash to repair and damages caused.

  1. Use thread tapes

Thread tapes are used for sealing pipe threads, and the main advantage of using a thread tape is that it never smears on your hands or any of your tools. They are also relatively cheap and easy to handle. The best way to use tape is to wrap it clockwise around the threads.

  1. Cut stubborn parts

Metal deposits and corroded parts can easily lock the parts together, which makes it very difficult to disconnect. The best solution to go around this is to cut these stubborn parts.

  1. Dope everything

Dope is used to seal thread, but is great for almost every other connection in drains.


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