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6 Other Exciting Uses of Driveway Alarms Most Homeowners Don’t Know About

Most of you already know the primary reason why people get a driveway motion sensor. That is to detect whenever any vehicle or person enters or exits your driveway. I have written this article to enlighten you in many more way that you can use your driveway alarm. There are two main components in a driveway alarm, the sensor, and the receiver. The driveway motion sensor is usually installed next to the driveway to send a signal to the receiver whenever anything or anyone passes next to it. The receiver, on the other hand, sends an alarm that will notify the owner of the driveway of another presence nearby. The receiver does this by producing emitting chime, flashing light or beep sounds.

Different types of driveway sensor systems

There are two types of driveway motion sensors; the hardwired driveway sensor and the wireless driveway sensor. If you want to be able to detect the movement of people, animals, and vehicles that enter or leave your driveway without the culprit realizing it, you need to choose a system that uses the break beam sensors or the infrared motion detector sensor. You can also opt to install driveway sensors that only detect metals, in case you do not wish to get alerts every time an animal or a person strays too close to your driveway.

Different way to use your driveway alert system

Most driveway owners install driveway alarms for security purposes. Little do they know that driveway alarms can serve you for many more purposes as well. Let us discuss six more ways that you can make use of your motion sensor driveway alert:

  1. Teen driver alert system

Teenagers can be a complete menace especially when it comes to them coming home very late in the night. You may have a lot of difficulties and worry every other night waiting up for your teenagers to pull up in the driveway. Well, here is some good news for you, you can use your driveway alarm to notify you every time your teenager comes home and pull up in the driveway.

  1. Act as some form of protection to your cars, boats, and RVs on your driveway

We all know that anything that is parked outside is an easy target for thieves. There is like no way you can just fit all your three cars in your small house. Just a thought though. But you need not worry. You can use your driveway alarm always to notify you every time anyone or anything approaches your parked cars or boats.

  1. Use it to protect children playing in the driveway

This one can come to be very handy especially to the mothers out there who are always worried that their children may wander too far from the house. They may even end up on the street, and this can be a recipe for trouble. Well, you need not worry, you can set up your driveway alarms to notify you every time your kids stray too far from your home.

  1. Act as a monitor for customers

You can also install driveway alarms in front of your businesses to notify you each time a customer approaches your business.

  1. Acts as a signal for deliveries and guests

Thanks to the driveway alarms, you do not need to get surprised visits every time a guest pops up or an unexpected delivery lands on your doorstep.

  1. Acts as surveillance for large properties and outbuildings

When placed strategically round remote buildings, greenhouses, and large warehouses, driveway alarms can help you monitor any interference and save you a lot of expenses like when thieves try to do mischief.

The bottom line, you need to choose the best driveway alarm that best suits you and your needs. Be smart on your choice, and you will be able to save yourself a lot of money and harm, that is if any harm may have been coming your way.


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