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6 Tips to Save Money On a Long Distance Move

Hiring movers to get your items safely to a long distance location is not something done without carefully considering the options. Below are six ways you can save money when making that necessary long distance move.

1 – Price Compare Quality Movers

There may be a wide selection of long distance movers in your area, but begin trimming down the choices by looking closely at customer satisfaction and price. Ask all of the questions you need to make sure you understand all of the charges involved.

2 – Book the Company for the Exact Date Needed

Check with each potential company on their availability during the time frame needed. The cheapest quote given may be a company without availability during that time. You should be able to come up with a good compromise on quality, price, and affordability.

3 – Purchase Boxes, Packing Materials, and Pack Your Items

The moving company you choose has available boxes, packing materials, and will pack your items for you, but it can be a considerable expense. You will save a ton of cash by purchasing these materials and packing items yourself. Packing items may take more planning and scheduling time to get the job done, but the money saved can be tremendous. Label what is in each box or at least the location in the home. You will be happy you took the time to label when unpacking begins on the other side.

4 – Have Everything Ready to Move the Day Before

Never leave the packing and organizing to the last minute. Try your best to have everything done and ready to go no later than the day before your big move. The moving company will get behind schedule if you are not ready and it can add up to extra fees in the end.

5 – Keep Children and Pets Out of the Way

Make sure your children and pets stay safe and are out of the way of bulky items being moved and loaded onto a truck. They can be fascinated by the flurry of activity, but not easily seen. Have a close friend or relative watch them as this process happens, or set up a pup tent in the backyard for play during the day.

6 – Pack Food and Drinks for the Road to Avoid Expensive Dining Bills

Restaurant dining can be costly while out on the road, especially with a big family. Pack a bunch of picnic type foods and drinks in a cooler to limit the times you need to dine in restaurants. You will be shocked at the monetary savings with this little trick. Stopping to eat at rest areas also provides an opportunity for everyone to get out and stretch their legs and unwind.

Excellent planning ahead of the move will ensure you find the right long distance movers, like Premier Van Lines, and you save as much money as possible.


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