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Ten Ways to Pick the Best Movers

Much of the stress that comes with moving can be relieved by hiring the right people to do the job. When choosing movers, it is wise to do some research before making a selection, and to ask your family and friends for the names of companies they recommend. It is also useful to call organizations such as the Better Business Bureau for a list of suggested movers. You may want to find out if the mover is a member of an association of movers or a certified reputable mover program.

1. Figure out the right questions to ask

Even before the first box is taped and packed up, you should sit down and think about the questions that you might ask movers. But maybe even better would be to talk with someone who just moved.

2. Do they do the full service?

Will the movers pick up, store as necessary, and deliver your household goods? Or do they contract out any or any of these services to other companies?

3. Where do they store your stuff?

If storage is required, where will it be? You want to know that the movers will store your precious belongings somewhere safe, secure and dry,

4. Are they insured?

Good movers are insured. If you are talking to a guy with a truck, he may not be. This is important because if something goes wrong, they might need insurance to pay your damages.

5. Get quotes

When choosing movers, get three quotes so that you can compare. Get the quotes in writing and ask them to hold that price for 30 days while you make a decision.

6. Make an inventory

Before anything gets moved around, make an inventory of all your stuff, especially valuables. You can even record it on your phone.

7. Negotiate the best price

Movers will all have some ability to negotiate. Make them do their work so that you can the best possible deal.

8. What do you have to do?

Make another list, this time of the things you have to do to get ready to move. That might include having the power and water turned off as you leave.

9. Move at the right time

It’s cheaper to move when the movers are not busy. It might be cheaper to move in the fall or in the middle of the month.

10. Sit back and relax

Then sit back and watch the movers do the heavy lifting. If you’ve picked the right company you have nothing to worry about. Visit the Hudson Movers website for more information.


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